Our Story

In 2008, Brooke, her husband Joe, and brother, Keller, banded together to form Mutts With A Mission in order to provide highly skilled Service Dogs utilizing "unwanted" dogs from shelters and rescues.

In 2011, Mutts with a Mission moved from Maine to the Central Virginia area. Knowing from previous experience that owner-trained dogs can be very successful and wanting to get away from the traditional 2+ year waiting lists, Mutts With A Mission shifted focus from program-trained dogs to owner-trained dogs. Our owner-trained dogs meet the same requirement our program-trained dogs do so there is no reason to expect anything but the best from our owner-trained teams. 

We strive to ensure that all of our Service Dog teams are exceptionally high quality and our handlers have the knowledge they need to operate as a fully functional Service Dog team. We provide ongoing support to our teams throughout the working life of their Service Dog and when retirement looms on the horizon, we help select and train the  perfect "replacement" Service Dog for them. 

It is our pleasure "Serving those who keep us free" and we are just a little bit proud to be operating for over 10 years now!