Dealing with the VA can be confusing and frustrating, especially when dealing with Service Dogs.

This page will attempt to help clear up some misconceptions and give you resources to help you get on the right track.

My provider said I would benefit from a service dog. Where can I get one?
We recommend visiting the Assistance Dogs International website for programs that can provide quality service dogs.

I have a dog and (s)he makes me feel better when I'm with her/him. Can I take her/him to the VA with me and in public?
NO. This is not a service dog. Service dogs by definition must be trained to perform tasks or work that mitigate an individual's documented disability. Making someone feel better because of their presence is not a trained task and does not qualify your dog as a service dog. Service dogs undergo hundreds of hours of specialized training and socialization to train them as service dogs. They are also constantly evaluated for their temperament and suitability. Not every dog can be a service dog. 

I recently adopted/purchased a dog to be my service dog. I went online and bought a vest and ID card. Is he/she a service dog?
No, unless your dog has been trained to perform tasks or work that mitigate your disability it is not a service dog. Remember, the dog making you feel better is not considered a task.