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In 2004, Mutts with a Mission founder SSG Brooke Corson was called to active duty and sent to Ft. Benning, GA as a Supply Sergeant for Bravo Company 1/50 Infantry Training Battalion. While there in 2006 she acquired Angus, a Cairn Terrier puppy, who went everywhere allowable with her. Angus could be seen on ruck marches, the Malone Ranges, the Weapons Pool, all over Post. Thankfully, SSG Corson had an understand 1SG and Angus soon won the hearts of many soldiers all over Ft. Benning.

SSG Corson started realizing the valuable impact dogs have when the Drill Sergeants started visiting Angus at all times of the day just to have him sit in their laps. No matter how their day went a visit with Angus made it better. Unfortunately, shortly after SSG Corson returned home Angus was killed in a tragic accident. However, his legacy remains with every team we graduate.




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